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The purpose of our events is to give children the opportunity to try different projects, giving them the chance to explore their interests. This will ultimately help them discover, develop, and utilize their gifts and talents.

Palmetto Youth Center eventa are monthly events on Saturday evenings in different areas across the state. Each area will have an event on a certain Saturday of the month. For example: each 3rd Saturday from 3:30 until 7:30.

The goal of our events is: To Provide Opportunities to Help Children Discover Their Gifts and Talents

Each event has two 1 1/2 hour sessions with an hour meal break dividing them. Children choose one program from each of the two sessions based on availability and the child's interests. There are several options for each session.

Event programs include: canvass painting, drawing, marine biology, karate, dance, drama, pet training and care, cake decorating, and more. Not all programs are available at all events, because the programs vary for each event.

Some programs will span both sessions (first aid, CPR and AED) and some programs will be only one session (basket making, painting, golf basics) and some will continue in the second session if the children choose that track (Princess party and ballroom dancing, beginning painting and intermediate painting). Some sessions will be indoors and some either outdoors or in a gym (if available).

Registration starts 30 minutes prior to the event. There is a place for the children to sit and play games until the programs start. Adult helpers are available to help with registration and supervise the children in prior to beginning their programs.

Your Child's Safety, Our Number One Concern

There is nothing more important, especially today, than to provide a safe environment for your child. We take that responsibility serious, and it is our number one concern.

Our instructors, staff, and volunteers are people who model great values and expect the best from each of child.

Our instructors are experienced in their field. We hold high standards for our staff, volunteers, and instructors. All have been thoroughly interviewed, screened, background checked.

An instructor leads each classroom, and is assisted by a helper. This provides more supervision and attention to each child.

A security officer will be at each event to help make the events as safe as possible.

All events are managed by our Event Manager, who is trained in First Aid and CPR.

Palmetto Youth Center follows the Two-Adult Rule: Reasonable effort will be made to have two adult workers present or nearby for each event.