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December 15th Event

Location: Victory Baptist Church, Johns Island, SC

Program Instructor Description
First Session Programs
Painting on Canvass   This program allows children to follow the lead of the instructor while painting on their own canvass.
Pet Care and Training   This program gives children basics on training their pets and how to care for them.
Cake Decorating   This program gives children the opportunity to learn how to create flowers, leaves, stems, and other decorations with icing. Each child will receive basic cake decorating tools to use in the class and take home with them.
Second Session Programs
Karate   This program introduces children to karate and some basic moves.
Drawing Sara Bendorf This program teaches basic drawing techniques as they follow the lead of the instructor and draw different images.
Drama   This program introduces children to drama and theater. Children learn basic drama techniques and tips while acting out fun skits.